About Us


Hello. I’m Laura Fiedler, a small town Midwestern gal with a love for all things old and dripping with character. I hate to throw anything cool away, so the process of saving old furniture and giving it new life with paint had me addicted after my first project. I’m also pretty frugal and believe you don’t have to spend a fortune on new things to decorate a home. I started my business, Blue Door Decor, after I ran out of my own things to paint. I love painting furniture and helping others use a mixture of old and new decor to create unique, beautiful, comfortable homes.

Contact Us

Blue Door Décor
60 3rd Ave W
Turtle Lake ND 58575

(we moved to a new location in July 2020!)




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Store Hours

We are an occasional store open one weekend a month in Turtle Lake, ND. Please stop in to see us during our next opening! Or contact Laura to arrange for a private visit. 

2021 Shop Dates:

January 29: 4pm - 6pm
January 30: 10am - 2pm

February 19: 4pm - 6pm
February 20: 10am - 2pm

March 26: 4pm - 6pm
March 27: 10am - 2pm

April 16: 4pm - 6pm
April 17: 10am - 2pm

May 7: 4pm - 6pm
May 8: 10am - 2pm

June 4: 4pm - 6pm
June 5: 10am - 2pm

July 9: 4pm - 6pm
July 10: 10am - 2pm

August 6: 4pm - 6pm
August 7: 10am - 2pm

September 24: 4pm - 6pm
September 25: 10am - 2pm

October 15: 4pm - 6pm
October 16: 10am - 2pm

November 5: 4pm - 6pm
November 6: 10am - 2pm

November 27: 10am - 2pm Small Business Saturday 

December 3: 4pm - 6pm
December 4: 10am - 2pm

December 17: 4pm - 6pm
December 18: 10am - 2pm